Series Watt

High Voltage DC/DC Converters

  • Customer Selects Output Voltage
  • Outputs to Vdc
  • Wide Input Ranges
  • Excellent Line & Load Regulation
  • Low Output Ripple
  • Output Isolation
  • Continuous Short Circuit Protection
  • Available in Chassis Mount

The Series of DC/DC converters offers a single output to Vdc and of isolation. They are available in either PC or Chassis mount configurations. Their rugged enclosure, low output ripple, and excellent regulation characteristics make them ideally suited for applications such as process control equipment, telecommunications, and transportation. All models will tolerate a short circuit indefinitely.

Temp. (Stability):
Temp. (Operating Case):
Temp. (Storage):
Derating: None

* All models designed to meet IEC/UL/CSA/EN 62368

* * For RoHS Compliant part, add suffix /Y

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Input Ranges:
Voltage Accuracy: %
Line Regulation:
Load Regulation:
Output Ripple:
Input Filter:
Efficiency: %
Short Circuit Protection:
Switching Frequency:

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